Dance Style

Semi Classical

Semi-classical dance is a form of expression that requires your body to move widely while still retaining grace, speed, and expression.
It's interesting how this dance style deviates from what is referred to as a stylized structure in classical dance.
Semi-classical dance styles don't have as intricate or complex steps as pure classical styles.
Students can easily learn these simpler semi-classical dances while maintaining the authenticity of the Indian dance form.
It’s a unique combination of kathak, Bollywood & Indian Classical. An essential part of the semi-classical dance form is Mudras hand movements, Facial Expression, Footwork & understanding of Taal musical beats.


This Indian dance style has emerged from the Hindi Film industry, which is known as Bollywood. It is a mixture of different dance styles.
This style includes Indian Folk, Kathak, and modern dancing.
Indian classical dance, as well as many other dance styles, are incorporated into the modern Bollywood dance style.
The dance features numerous formations, beautiful natural settings or elaborates architectural settings, a sizable number of background dancers, and vibrant costumes.
The Bollywood dance style is one of the most popular dance styles incorporating a fusion of almost dance styles in it.

Indian Folk

The artistic gestures and postures of Indian folk dance are creating work that is accompanied by the rhythmic beats of vocal or instrumental music.
Indian folk dance is simple without being naive and has a long history. The history of Indian folk dance goes back in history with many traditional dance forms accustomed to it.
It is natural and novel to think of folk dance as expressing emotion.
The overall impact of the overwhelming buoyancy of spirit and the eloquent, effortless prose outweighs the grace of the individual dancer or the virtuosity of the isolated prose.

Freestyle Hip Hop

Freestyle dancing, also known as street dancing, is a special kind of dance that is not based on choreography like other dance styles but rather on improvisation.
Early in the 1970s, as the disco era was dying, freestyle dancing emerged as dancers began to perform in public spaces and on the streets. Freestyle dance has developed into a more challenging and edgy style today, giving rise to several other dance genres like krumping, street jazz, breakdancing, and popping and locking.
Freestyle involves expressing your emotions and feelings through a nuanced form of dance that involves more movements of your body with an intricate expression.

Indo Fusion

One of the most admired art forms in the nation is Indian Fusion Dance, which is a very intricate form of expression.
To be adaptable to various genres of music, themes, and moods, the fusion dance style was developed.
Fashion gradually began to provide more room for personal experimentation, spontaneity, and creativity.
As a result, Indian Fusion Dance has gained popularity across the nation since its inception.
The idea of Indian Fusion Dance is relatively new, and it has influenced several other performing arts disciplines, including music and theater.